'Smooth'  by Phil Setren and Gavin Heaney

Vertical Line Theatre production

1, 2 & 3 April 2014    Doors open at 7:00pm  -  show starts at 8:00pm

A new play by Phil Setren with original music by Gavin Heaney

Directed by Anne Stoffels

Cast members:  Henry ReganCharlie Blackwood and Paul Duncan

In an elegant bar, she walked in.  She looked great. And I wrote her a poem that didn't rhyme.  And we danced through love letters that defined romance...
from the 1990's till death do us part.

With all our face-spaces and tweeties, it is easy to see how advances in technology have affected the ways we connect with each other.  SMOOTH traces a love affair that spans multiple modes of communication- from love letters through to e mails and eye-phones of the imagined future.  But how does the transformative nature of communication affect the language of love?  Does technology make us colder and more distant, or does 'I Love you' mean the same thing in any font?