NSH Arts                                  

The Space

A classic Georgian House the east end of London, 439 Mile End Road has been refurbished to offer a versatile set of spaces intended for exhibition of 2D and 3D installations, music, theatre and study.  The scale is defined by the domestic setting – but the possibilities are dramatic – including opera and indoor/outdoor exhibitions.  

The Purpose

NSH Arts offers young people – students or those recently starting their career as a curator, arts manager/producer – an opportunity to propose an arts event and, if successful, to make that event a reality.  The whole process of organising and promoting the event would be carried out in a reflective manner so that the individual or group can learn about the skills that are being used and developed.  As part of the process, selected people would be targeted to attend the event to raise the organiser’s profile and demonstrate their skill set. 

NB the space is not open to the general public – attending an event is by invitation only.

The Intended audience

NSH Arts would be an ideal project for final year students studying curating or arts production/management.  The flexibility of the space allows use by other groups and individuals for events such as workshops, seminars, recitals, demonstrations and creative thinking sessions. 

Universities and Colleges will be encouraged to promote the use of the facilities to their students – or even to run events or academic courses.  It is ideally set up for students on study abroad and for those with a course requirement to produce an event.

The Future

The project is intended to blend a domestic environment with arts and learning, and to stimulate creativity.  Future plans include running similar arts and learning activities in other domestic and commercial settings – utilising the constraints of different venues to broaden the possibilities for creativity and learning.

NSH Arts online will act as a rich record and resource about young creativity at work.   It is hoped to work with a wide variety of organisations – including educational and learning environments - to run virtual events and to use the concepts within the physical space in the constraint free virtual world.

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