Tom Banks

Tom exhibited a small number of works during the London New Play Festival play readings on 22 December 2012.  

"When it gets dark and the street lamps come on the environment outside the front door seems to physically change. People go to their home’s, their lamps and TVs go on and make their curtains glow. The streets are empty, but filled with unsettling artificial light, illuminating the surroundings in new colours from unnatural angles. Tom Banks’ paintings are derived from the landscape, but describing them as such is ambiguous, as the landscape only exists as a suggestion in the shadows. The focus is very much on the foreground. In the same way an ‘old master’ might use the flicker of candlelight, he uses the light from a streetlamp or camera flash to draw the gaze to a specific point, often trees. These incongruous forms, often ignored, existing in an uninhabited urban landscape give a sense of unease, but a beauty is found in these shadowy figures."

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